Story by Mark McQuown                                   Music by Buddy Mix

  • Welcome to Dragula.mp32:31
  • 2 Smell of a man 3:45
  • Melissa Burning Burning SF.mp33:04
  • Vampire Waltz Fnl.mp32:45
  • Its always the first time FNL.mp31:49
  • No Place like home FVB.mp32:00
  • Jordan.mp33:50
  • Melissa Falls.mp31:46
  • Shifting.mp33:10
  • Sword Drop.mp30:34
  • I am a God Final 2.mp33:22
  • Who Am I.mp32:07
  • He prays he can please.mp30:46
  • Queen Seduction.mp32:21
  • R3 Something different fnlmx.mp33:07
  • Imorrtals Dance.mp31:42
  • Master of Love.mp33:16
  • Free From Yesterday.mp33:22
  • De Ja Vous.mp33:10

Dragula lives in Dracula's castle in Transylvania, Romania, where he picks on tourists for fun and food until one couple sneaks into the castle from a tour and changes Dragula's life forever.  

"What Fun!"  

John Heard, Actor

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Mark McQuown and Buddy Mix 2015

All rights reserved

Sometimes life sucks...

Contact information:

Mark McQuown

25933 Sandalia Drive

Valencia, CA 91355



" A Musical for the modern age."  

David Gadd, Executive Producer

Los Angeles Theater Festival

Note:  All songs and music written, performed and produced by Buddy Mix for demonstration purposes only.  These are not final productions.  These are demonstrations for industry and cast.  Special Thanks to Sabrina Dean and Jody Zelner for their vocal demos.

                                   It's a cross between  

              "Jekyll & Hyde and The Rocky Horror Show"

                                                         Kathy Balistreri


What People said:

 "Hell Ya man!"  C.J.    

"Fabulous"  Selden  Lamoureux

  Good work!  Steffen Presley, Endless Productions

"What a great idea." Kelly Sands, former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.  

"It's like My Best Friends Wedding meets Twilight" River Mix (Buddy's wife)

"I started to cry, when Dragula sang Jordan.  What a beautiful song!"  David Gadd

"Man, this is a broadway soundtrack!  I'm so impressed."  Thomas Morris.