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Art Department - Jeremiah Benjamin

Jeremiah Benjamin is a quirky character actor excited to be participating in Acting Out INK Fest at the Hudson Theatre this coming weekend (April 17th-19th). His hyperbolic antics can also be spotted in various commercials and music videos. Keep an eye out for him in the upcoming indie films Trace and 96 Souls. Additionally he is a playwright and active member of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, as well as the playwright organization Fierce Backbone. His dramatic works have been presented in festivals of new dramatic works in his former home of Portland, Oregon, wherein he played lead roles in numerous under-the-radar indie films such as Special, 11:58 and The Corners.

Scenic Artist - Jom Rivers

Producer/Managing Director - Thomas Morris

Thomas Morris's introduction to dramatic arts started from being in the Multi-Disciplinary Arts program at UMass, when he also discovered his love for theater and film as an IATSE 35mm film projectionist. Moving to NYC as a visual artist, Thomas found a natural talent for acting, joining off-Broadway company Absolute Theater, operating out of the Chelsea Playhouse. After three years as a stage and commercial actor he became eligible for SAG membership. Thomas then formed the Creative Stages Theater Company and created the Urban Pop Theater Festival at the Common Basis Theater on 46th Street and 8th Avenue. During this time he worked as a PA/ENG for TRG Ragamuffin Productions. Paying his dues, he became a Field Producer and then headed for Los Angeles to run the company’s West Coast office and become a Line Producer, producing multicam live events, BTS, commercial television spots, red carpet, and VNRs. He then helped form an original content production company, DeMille Productions, with the grandson of legendary Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille. Thomas is currently freelance line producing, consulting and writing original content for stage and screen.

Sometimes life sucks...

"Sounds Like Fun!"  Actor John Heard

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Executive Producer - David Gadd

David Gadd holds a graduate degree in English literature from the University of Virginia, where he wrote his Master's thesis on medieval drama. A professional journalist and editor whose writing has appeared in Travel & Leisure, Bon Appétit, World Art and other publications, he has also written several screenplays, one of which won First Place in the Action/Adventure category at the Los Angeles–based International Family Film Festival. A former college projectionist who screened the great films of Bergman and Buñuel, he is passionate about both film and live theater. Among other pursuits, he is currently studying the great plays of Chekhov and Ibsen, and exploring the dark and essential world of ancient Greek drama. 

" A Musical for the modern age "

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Art Department - Malachi Simonyan

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David Gadd Executive Director,

Los Angeles Theater Festival

Associate Producer - Lee de Broux

Lee de Broux is a veteran Hollywood actor who has appeared in films such as RoboCop, Chinatown and Sunset Beach and television shows including Cannon and Gunsmoke, among many others. Lee lends valuable expertise to the Festival in acting, directing, and producing. 

Jom Rivers studied Visual Art for 25 years. He received his BFA in Fine Art from Art Center college of Design, Pasadena. Jom's work includes his fine art practice and various types of design work. Jom is a mixed media sculptor. His studio practice consists of wood, metal and ceramic sculptures, installations, and musical instruments.  Jom is a certified luthier (string instrument maker). Among other things Jom also works as a freelance production designer/prop master for film and theater.
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