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A MULTI TALENTED ARTIST.  Jehnean is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City.  She also attended Mount San Jacinto College in San Jacinto, CA.   Jehnean has worked professionally for over 25 years as a singer, musician, songwriter, actress, storyteller, dancer, voice over artist, musical and artistic director within the venues of film, television, radio, concerts, and live theater.  She is a proud member of the American Federation of Musicians.

Jehnean has performed for over 16 years with the prestigious Mahenwahdose productions troop, a national touring company and production house as well as with the legendary American Indian Theater Company.  She is their current musical director and assistant artistic director.  Jehnean stared in the NBC production of Rez Sister in New York City and held the coveted title role of Ramona in California’s official state outdoor drama Ramona for four years and she is also an acting coach, vocal coach, voice, speech and movement for actor’s instructor with her own private practice out of Los Angeles.  

Jehnean is a recognized and archived actress, voice over artist, singer, songwriter, musician and storyteller with the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. and was the first to perform there at the Rasmussen Theater along with the Mahenwahdose troop.  Jehnean has been hailed as the female half of the Native American “Dynamic Duo”  of Mahenwahdose productions by the Native American Times and is also known as the “First Lady of the Native American Stage.”  She holds the honor of being the first American Indian Woman inducted into the Oklahoma Historical Society's American Indian Comedy Hall Of Fame.  In 2004 she released a storytelling CD entitled, "Oniyah! The Tellers Of Tales"  Her original arrangement and rendition of the "Trail Of Tears Song" can be heard on the Grammy nominated album, "Song Of America" produced by Split Rock Records and the Grammy Award winning producer David Macias.  She is also a master musician and singer as well as being an assistant producer with the global music organization Listen for Life.  Jehnean co-wrote of the screenplay for the movie Rave.  Jehnean wrote, performed and recorded the Native American rock anthem “Fly With You” and is currently working with world famous DNA music creator and producer Stuart Mitchel in the UK as well as internationally known songwriter, rock musician and producer Ant Glynne in Los Angeles.   Jehnean’s autobiography titled “My life My Song With No Reservations” is also soon to be released.   

Jehnean is the recipient of the Red Glove Directors Award for her directorial work in the 45th Annual Red Glove Review production, "From Teepees to Towers and Beyond”.  She is also the recipient of the Inland Theater League Award for best actress in a musical for her portrayal of Anita in "West Side Story" and holds the distinguished honor of being the recipient of the Award of Appreciation from the United States Army Corps of Engineers for her work in the production of "Legends of Our Fathers". Jehnean  along with Mahenwahdose Productions and Arch Angels Inc. is a roistered artist on twenty seven different arts councils across the nation.

Kelly McCann began her theatre education in Junior High School and performed in several Drama competitions throughout Southern California.  Her role as Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet helped bring home the blue ribbon for her school while scoring a 5th place ribbon in a student written script about the effects of bullying entitled Things Change.

After discovering her love of theatre, Kelly was cast in acting and performed tech for The Miracle Worker and Clarissa’s Closet at the Canyon Theatre Guild in Santa Clarita.   While not performing, and as a way of staying connected to the Canyon Theatre Guild, Kelly successfully completed the task of reorganizing and inventorying the entire prop closet.  By the time Kelly reached High School she was cast in a Musical Theatre competition themed “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” which included music from Wicked, Side Show and Rocky Horror Picture Show under the direction of Stephen Whelan, Nancy Alterman and Arthur Miller.

In the summer of 2015 Ms. McCann attended a Summer College program at California Institute of the Arts.  Upon graduation Kelly was awarded the California Arts Scholar Award.

Workshops and Training, Tai Chi - Sherry Tschernisch, Physical Comedy – Michael Fields
Voice and Speech – Evamarii Johnson, Contact Improv – Sayda Trujillo
Acting Theory - Trace Turville, Dance for Actors, Mask – Sayda Trujillo

Stage Combat - Ed Douglas, Movement – B.J. Dodge, Jazz (Dance) – Joanne Gervais

Modern (Dance) – Joanne Gervais, Tap (Dance) Joanne Gervais

Ballet (Dance) - Natalie Chadbourne
Vocal Instruction – Arthur Miller, Rene Urbanovich

Brent Christensen

Script Reader

Edwin McCormick is a graduate in Theatre of Calif. State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA. 

Edwin is a veteran of more than 150 plays and musicals over the last 40 years, some of his favorite roles include:

Harold Hill in "The Music Man" (Redlands Bowl)
Chillingworth in "The Scarlet Letter" (Norris Playhouse, Palos Verdes)
Chief Bromden in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" (Renegade Theatre)
Berger, "Hair"
Chuck Baxter, "Promises, Promises"
Mack the Knife, "The Threepenny   Opera"
Cocky, "The Roar of the Greasepaint..."
Buffalo Bill, "Indians"
Mortimer, "Arsenic and Old Lace"
Capn. Warington, "Little Mary Sunshine"
Adam in three different productions of "The Apple Tree"
El Gallo in four different productions of "The Fantasticks"

Edwin also works as a freelance Art Director and Staging Supervisor in the Television Industry and 
would like to thank Mark McQuown and Buddy Mix for this opportunity.... and his wife Michel for her love, patience and encouragement

Jay Africa

as Jordan

Edwin McCormick

Jay Africa is no stranger to the stage, having worked with numerous theatre companies nationwide since 1997--some of which include Shakespeare & Company, the Civic Light Opera of South Bay Cities, Theater League, Sacred Fools, and his very own S.O.B. Theatre Company.  He has filled various roles as actor, scenic designer, properties artisan, sound designer, stage manager, producer, and musician.  His latest accomplishments include playing guitar for the hit Hollywood Fringe production of "The Pokémusical" (2013, Color & Light Theatre Ensemble, Hollywood, CA), scenic design for the world premiere of Luis Valdez' "Valley of the Heart" (2013, El Teatro Campesino, San Juan Bautista CA), and scenic design for "Into the Woods" (2015, Center Stage Opera, Canoga Park CA).  Most recently, Jay's work was heard by audiences in "Twelfth Night: A Rock Musical" (2015, Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival, Santa Clarita CA) for which he composed the music.  Outside the theatre, Jay is a tabletop gaming enthusiast (D&D anyone?), husband to his director wife, Erin, and father to two fantastic kids.

"A Musical for the Modern Age"

Character name:  Tour Member, Vampire, Chorus, Dancer

Kelly McCann


Ashley Diane


Holly Haworth


Character name:  Melissa

Kelly McCann


Brent Christensen

"Sounds Like Fun!"  

Actor John Heard

Script Reader

Holly Haworth

Sometimes Life sucks...

Maddie Paige has lived in California her whole life with her mom, dad, and older brother.  Maddie's love of musical theater came about when she saw Wicked at the age of three.  The protagonist in Wicked; Elphaba, instantly became Maddie's dream role.

In addition to figure skating, Maddie loves being a part of her high school theatre program. Maddie's been singing and acting since the age of seven and has performed in numerous community theatre productions.  Maddie's ultimate goal is to perform on Broadway as well as a successful film & television actor.  

Ms. Paige is very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Dragula and the L.A. Theatre Festival.

 Jehnean Washington Gullo

Edwin McCormick

as Dragula

Holly Haworth was born and raised in Southern California and started her dance training at age five. She danced lead roles in her high school's productions of The Rite of Spring, The Nutcracker, and Alice in Wonderland and then briefly attended California Institute of the Arts following graduation. She has danced at the Hollywood Tree Lighting Ceremony in a Rockette-inspired dance group and at the House of Blues as a featured dancer for the band VoodooBilly. It wasn’t until recently that Holly rekindled her love for musical theater. This past Spring, she was an ensemble member of Cabrillo Music Theater’s "Mary Poppins.” She has been trained in all styles of dance including ballet, jazz, musical theater, tap, and ballroom. Holly is so excited to be in the cast of Dragula! 

John Epstein 818-843-8041
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William Huyck Director
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Play Brent D. Christensen, SAG,AFTRA, AEA, Cell-661-644-3676

Borderland,Marshall, The Box, Hide and Seek, A Man Called Death Darryl Silence Grenada
The Ties That Bind, Rhapsody in Blue, Stuck, Slippy VS Rascal Jones Silippy 9125 Nights Buck Companion Richard, The Ice Cream Man Klondike Pete

Forge Blacksmith LLC USC Film School USC Film School, 
CSUN Film School CSUN Film School CSUN Film School, New York Film Academy NYFA, Universal/ Lucasfilm Company, Odyssey Theatre Ensemble (LA) Porters of Hellgate (LA), LA Summerfest/ Santa Clarita Rep East Playhouse (LA), LA Summerfest The Space (LA), The Space (LA), Christina Gonzalez/ Rep East Playhouse, Santa Clarita Performing Arts Center Santa Clarita PAC, Santa Clarita PAC
Shakespeare San Francisco (in GG Park) Berkeley/ Cal Shakes PCPA (Santa Maria CA)
PCPA SF Shakespeare in the Park, Santa Clarita Shakespeare Festival Shakespeare Santa Cruz Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Eureka Theatre (SF) (US Premiere)
Butch, Duck Hunter
Part, Oedipus Machina, Othello
Cymbeline Cymbeline
To Kill a Mockingbird/ Bob Ewell

Stephen Reedy Nicholas Cambier, Landord Lee
Paul Street Jack Foley Luke E. Strauss

Retroduction (w/ Bruce Dern & Peter Fonda) Art Center College of Design(Pasadena(

Wild Strawberry Entertainment

Jack/Bartender Wayne Shotten

Noises Off Selsdon Laramie Project 5 characters Death of a Salesman Charlie Taming of the Shrew/ Petruchio Julius Caesar Cinna/ Strato The Sea Gull Yakov
Finian’s Rainbow Deputy Measure for Measure Lucio Merchant of Venice Shylock Twelfth Night Toby Belch Richard II Northumberland The Abdication Charles

Training and Background
Paul Wickline Stephen Whelan John Demita Michael Addison Oskar Eustis, 
Laird Williamson Robert Benedettti Michelle Truffaut David Stears, Michael Edwards Michael Edwards, Julie He’bert

Shepherd Brabantio, 
Henry IV pt.1, Rumors, Blythe Spirit, Sherlock Holmes Last Adventure ? Syd Prince/Falstaff Ernie, Rod Oden David Wisehart, Dr. Bradman, M. Kaplan/M Schwinn Stephen Whelan, BFA Theatre Arts (U of Utah), MS in Counseling; Improv workshops with Viola Spolin
Vocal training – Carol Pendergrast/Kalmenson Movement – Ririe/Woodbury Modern Dance Company Dramalogue award best supporting actor 1982
25 Years High School Theatre Arts Teacher at Wm. S Hart High School Skills:Play trumpet, Harmonica, sing bass,motorcycles, skiing, golf,VO work
DIALECTS - British dialects, Irish, Scottish,US Southern, New York, Western.German,French,Russian COMMERCIAL CONFLICT LIST AVAILABLE ON REQUEST 

David Gadd, Executive Director, Los Angeles, Theater Festival

Maddie Paige


Character name:  Tour Member, Vampire, Chorus, Dancer

Character name:  Jordan

Masquerade Fern (lead) Mikayla Wiseman, dir.
Law & Order L.A.    Jenny    Hayden Tract Episode
Community, Santa Clarita, CA (partial list) Annie, Tessie    Performing Arts Center
Peter Pan-Jane    Performing Arts Center
Sound of Music-Alpine Maiden    Performing Arts Center
Scene Study/Audition technique         Katrina Simmons                     On-going class
Scene Study                                           Gloria Garayua                        Actor’s Training  L.A. 
Advanced Improv                              Dominic Burgess                       Actor’s Training L.A.
Vocal Coach                                           Art Miller

Vocal Coach                                     Rene Urbanovich
Over-the-Top Comedy Workshop        Howard Meltzer                     Actor’s Training L.A.
Comedy Workshop                            Troy Daniel Smith                     
Drama/Emotional Workshop               Scott David                           Actor Training L.A.
Drama Workshop                               Donald Pemrick                      Actor’s Training L.A. 
Cold Read Intensive                            Catherine Stroud                     Actor Training L.A.
Musical Theatre                                   Kyle Burson                            E.S.C.A.P.E. Theatre

Summer Arts Conservatory                                                                 L.A.C.H.S.A.
Special Skills:
Singing (Alto/Soprano), beginning piano, figure skater

Character name:  Tour Member, Vampire, Chorus, Dancer

Maddie Paige

Character name:  Tour Member, Vampire, Chorus, Dancer

Jay Africa

Jehnean D.W. Gullo

as Melissa

Character name: Dragula

Ashley Diane

Ashley Diane 915-867-3626
Theater UnGleeful, Universal Studios 2014
The Young Artist Project 2014, A Tale Of My Mind, Universal Studios HHN, 2012
Student Vision: Universal, Children, Cabaret ShowCafé Series: “Freedom”Harmonics Showcase
Project 15, Café Series, Project 15, Lead, Nat/Narrator Actress, Creator, Performer, Woman 3
 Janie, Solo/Ensemble, Duet, Dance/Vocal/Acting, Ensemble, Acapella, Ensemble. Duets
Tre Theater, CA, Universal Studios,CA, Phantom, Projects, CA, Brick House Theater, CA
Universal Studios, CA, Black Box Theater, LA, AMDA, LA, Café Stage, LA
Be More Heroic, Andy Grammar, “It’s Love” Music Video“Miss Me” Music Video, West Hollywood, CA, Downtown, LA
AMDA College and Conservatory Of the Performing Arts: BFA
Vocal Training: Anne Walsh, Julian Fielder
Acting: Amy Mormon, Anthony Barrow, Eric Scott Gould, Michael Zelnicker
Theater: Danny Gurwin, Brooks Almy, John Sloman, Nick DeGruccio
Dance: Diana McNeil, Hector Guerrero, Tracy Silver, Wendy Rosoff, Tom Pardoe
On Camera: Eve Gordon, Justin Wolske, Derek Mateo, James Bontempo
Voice Production/Speech: Shawn Spann, Deborah Sullivan. Anne Burk
African Drumming: Matthew Cook
Guitar: Doug Mattingly
Music Theory/Piano: Garineh Avakian, Andrew Robb, Katherine Lounsbery
Special Skills Bilingual (English/Spanish),
Cheerleading, Nose Wiggle